Death Stranding [Trailer]

Death Stranding

"Death Stranding" – Action-Adventure

A Year Of Rain [Trailer]

A Year Of Rain

"A Year Of Rain" – Strategie

Just Dance 2020 [Trailer]

Just Dance 2020

"Just Dance 2020" – Tanzspiel

Let's Sing 2020 [Trailer]

Let's Sing 2020

"Let's Sing 2020" – Partyspiel

Ring Fit Adventure [Trailer]

Ring Fit Adventure

"Ring Fit Adventure" – Fitness

Felix The Reaper [Trailer]

Felix The Reaper

"Felix the Reaper" – Puzzle-Adventure

Wer weiß denn sowas? - Das 2. Spiel [Trailer]

Wer weiß denn sowas? - Das 2. Spiel

"Wer weiß denn sowas? - Das 2. Spiel" – Party Game

Grid [Trailer]


"Grid" – Rennspiel

Tropico 6 [Trailer]

Tropico 6

"Tropico 6" – Strategie

The Sojourn [Trailer]

The Sojourn

"The Sojourn" – First-Person-Puzzle

Unrailed! [Trailer]

Felix The Reaper

"Unrailed!" – Strategie

Control [Trailer]


"Control" – Action-Adventure

Planetfall - Age Of Wonders [Trailer]

Planetfall - Age Of Wonders

"Planetfall - Age Of Wonders" – Sci-Fi-Strategie

Iratus: Lord of the Dead [Trailer]

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

"Iratus: Lord of the Dead" – Rouguelike-RPG

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers [Trailer]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

"Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers" – Rollenspiel

Barotrauma [Trailer]


"Barotrauma" – Sci-Fi-Simulation

Total War: Three Kingdoms [Trailer]

Total War: Three Kingdoms

"Total War: Three Kingdoms" – Strategiespiel

Observation [Trailer]


"Observation" – Sci-Fi-Action

Team Sonic Racing [Trailer]

Team Sonic Racing

"Team Sonic Racing" – Rennspiel

Tom Clansy's The Division 2 [Trailer]

Tom Clansy's The Division 2

"Fimbul" – Action-Abenteuer

Ostwind - Aris Ankunft [Trailer]

Ostwind - Aris Ankunft

"Ostwind - Aris Ankunft" – Abenteuer

Fimbul [Trailer]


"Fimbul" – Action-Abenteuer

Anthem [Trailer]


"Anthem " – Action-Rollenspiel

DiRT Rally 2.0 [Trailer]

DiRT Rally 2.0

"DiRT Rally 2.0" – Rennsimulator

Far Cry New Dawn [Trailer]

Far Cry New Dawn

"Far Cry New Dawn" – Action-Adventure

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